How To Draw The Hulk ?  

The Incredible Hulk is a comic character who has super human abilities and who looks like an enormous green brute. The main thing to be borne I mind for the best drawing of the Hulk is to get the facial features correct.

The steps to be followed in making of the Hulk’s drawing are:

  • Large brows: The brows can be made not just as a line on the fore-head but with a little shadow effect around the eyes for the brute look.
  • Beady eyes spaced wide apart: Draw the eyes by leaving width of 2 eyes between them.
  • Nose: Draw a wide and short pug nose.
  • Upper lip: The gorilla look can be obtained by keeping a wider gap between the nose and the lip.
  • Mouth: Draw the mouth wide with large teeth.
  • Jaw set: Draw the jaw square and make the cheek-bones protrude.
  • Hair: It should look unruly and wild.

Draw a head in the shape of an egg and draw a torso almost twice the size below. Make arms and legs so that they appear loose and make boxes at the ends of the arms. Draw thighs short and then make the legs and feet below.

Complete the detailing of the facial features after making the outline of the face faint. Detail the hair, nose, eyes and mouth. Make the outline of the arms and the palms in the box ends prominent.

Make the shape of loose pants with a zigzag end just above the knees. Complete the drawing of the heels, toes and the ball of the feet prominently.

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How To Draw The Hulk ?




The-Incredible-Hulk-Biography-And-History      The Incredible Hulk is a fictional character who was born or created in the year 1962 by the comics society, and is popularly known as the Green Comic Book Monster. Later on, the Hulk was also made into a movie just like any other superhero comic strip. And, we all know that anything that is successful ends up on the silver screen. More..




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