Who Created The Incredible Hulk ?  

The Incredible Hulk is one of the comic strips that was released by marvel comics and was born in 1962. The original creator of the Hulk was Stan Lee and the art work was done by Jack Kirby. The Hulk is one of the most popular comic strips in America along with Superman, Phantom and Spiderman. All these are the successful heroes of the American comic’s genre.

The Hulk was created as a result of an experimental mistake by the nuclear scientists Bruce Banner. Dr. Bruce banner was a shy and introvert man who could not stand up for himself in real life. He was always dominated by his friend and family and he mostly behaved like the eyes man. However, during an experiment with gamma rays he bombards the gamma rays accidentally and it alters the gene mutations in him. So when he was angered, he would turn into this Incredible Hulk or the green monster which nobody recognized.

Some comic experts believe that the Hulk was the alter ego of the nuclear scientist himself. He secretly wanted to be powerful and dominating and that is why he expressed himself in green color and also as a raging monster. When the Hulk is angered, he grows several times his own size and looks ugly. But he was capable of great strength and could lift up trucks and swing them around like small objects. It was not easy to control the Hulk even by the entire BI or the United States forces put together. He also had resistance to ammunition.

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Who Created The Incredible Hulk ?




How-Strong-Is-The-Incredible-Hulk      The Incredible Hulk is portrayed as one who possesses superhuman abilities. He is shown to have limitless physical strength, ability to lift huge and extremely heavy objects, or take large leaps spanning several miles. He is shown to have the ability to appear in the Savage or Merged form. In the savage form, his strength increases in the same proportion as his emotional stress. More..




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Who Created The Incredible Hulk ? )
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