Superman History Facts  

Superman, the famous superhero, is the only survivor of a planet named Krypton. He was son of Jor-El, who figured out that the planet was going get destroyed due to a nuclear chain reaction. So, Jor-El takes out Kal-El, which is Superman's real name, from the gestation chamber and puts him into a spacecraft and sends the craft to Earth. All this happens well before the planet is destroyed.

The spacecraft carrying Superman is discovered by a childless couple, Jonathan and Martha Kent. They bring the newborn baby to their farm located in Smallville, Kansas and name him Clark. At that point, the Kents have no idea that their newly adopted son is from another planet. As an infant, Superman did not show or display any super powers.

As Superman started growing, his body started showing superhuman abilities. When he turns 18 years old, his adoptive parents show him the spacecraft and tell him how they found him. Then Superman, aka Clark, decides that he will use his superhuman powers just to do good.

Also, as Clark was growing up, he befriends a girl called Lana Lang. They are best of friends and Clark tells her the truth about himself. Soon, Clark leaves his small village to go to the city to finish his university studies at Metropolis University.

Initially, Clark uses his superhuman powers just to help people without them knowing and to prevent disasters from occurring. However, soon he is compelled to save a NASA craft from crashing. It is after this that his adoptive parents and he make a costume for Clark to prevent his real identity from being revealed. He uses this costume to come into the public eye to help people. He is dubbed Superman by a journalist called Lois Lane, who works for the newspaper Metropolis Daily Planet.

Then, Clark joins the same newspaper as a reporter, but maintains his secret life of a superhero.

These are Superman's historical facts.

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Superman History Facts




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