Who Created Superma ?  

Superman is a fictional character created by Jerry Siegel, an American Writer and Joe Shuster an artist for DC comics. He was created way back in 1932 and is one of the first American superheroes to be created. He is a legend because he paved the way for many more heroes to be created, including the Phantom, Batman, Spiderman and Incredible Hulk and many more.

Superman was created first and then later sold to Detective Comics or DC comics. In 1938, the character of Superman made its debut on Action Comics, and then started appearing in radio tele-serials and thereafter in television programs, movies, newspaper and video games. So, Superman started a trend that the rest of the superheroes could follow. Almost all the superheroes that were created after Superman followed the same trend.

Every single adventure of Superman has been successful and all his stories were popular. However, there came a time in our lives where Superman had to die literally 70 years after he was created. Maybe there was a popularity that was dying as more superheroes like Spiderman and Incredible Hulk and Phantom catching up with people.

Superman wears a bright costume that has yellow, red and blue colors on it. He is massive in structure and even though he looks like a guy next door he displays superhuman strength. In normal life, he is called Clark Kent, who is newspaper reporter and also is in love with his colleague. However, no one other than his parents know his true identity.

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Who Created Superma ?




Who-Is-Stronger-Hulk-Or-Superman      After Superman was released in 1932 as a quintessential American superhero, there were several heroes that followed. Each one was different, and had immense strength and power. Most people, in our normal day-to-day life, dream of something extraordinary and have something special for us including power and fame. Superheroes got it naturally because of their strength and abilities. Even though all of these characters are fictional, they were a great source of encouragement for people. More..




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