Who Is Stronger Hulk Or Superman ?  

After Superman was released in 1932 as a quintessential American superhero, there were several heroes that followed. Each one was different, and had immense strength and power. Most people, in our normal day-to-day life, dream of something extraordinary and have something special for us including power and fame. Superheroes got it naturally because of their strength and abilities. Even though all of these characters are fictional, they were a great source of encouragement for people.

Superman was one of the first heroes to be created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Now there are so many superheroes that people started comparing one to another.

The argument about who is stronger. Whether it is Superman or the Incredible Hulk who is stronger of the two is a never ending one. Because both have fans and they can go on arguing. They both were created to display strength and have their own list of achievements in fighting enemies. However, when it comes to Superman and the Hulk, it is Superman who is stronger because he was born strong and he was from another planet. Hulk becomes strong due to a mistake in a lab experiment. Superman can use his strengths at any time he wants, but the Hulk can use his strength only when he gets angry and regains his form as the green monster. Hulk is a monster and Superman is a hero.

There are several differences between these two characters, and there comes a point where the argument is never going to end actually. Overall, the way Superman was portrayed was much better than how the Hulk was portrayed in terms of heroism alone.

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Who Is Stronger Hulk Or Superman ?




Who-Killed-Superman      Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shaster. They later sold their idea to Detective Comics, and then later Action Comic started publishing them. Then soon it went on to become one of the most popular comic strips to be read then was converted into a radio show and then to a television series. More..




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