How To Make Wolverine Claws ?  

Wolverine is one of the fictional superheroes created by Marvel Comics and also appeared in the X Men comics. He is also known as Logan, and he possesses really fast healing powers. He has keen senses just like animals have. For instance, he can smell more than human beings and also has a combination of the physical abilities of both humans and animals. The most common features of the wolverine are the three claws on both the front hands. They are retractable.

These claws are the main part of the wolverine costume. However, the actual wolverine can retract the claws, and if you have to make a real life costume with wolverine concepts, then it would be a major project to create retractable claws. Keeping that in mind you should just concentrate on making a costume that has just claws.

So, if you are going to a costume party and want an easy wolverine costume, this is what you should do. Make artificial claws out of cardboard. Draw them put, cut them and then color them. Cover them with silver foil if you can and the foil should be evened out. Do not crush the foil as it can be easily through mishandling. Paint the claws with all purpose glue and the wrap the aluminum foil around it. This is just to ensure that the foil does not come off. That is how you create the metallic look actually. When you have the wolverine suit ready, you will have to make three slits on each hand to fit these claws in. You have to stick the claws to the glove so that you can take them off easily.

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How To Make Wolverine Claws ?




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How To Make Wolverine Claws ? )
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