Step By Step To Draw Wolverine  

In the world of comic heroes, Wolverine has been the most famous in the recent past. He is a mutant who has both the human and the wolf’s genes. He also has tremendous healing capabilities and has claws that can cut like a knife. He is a combination of a wolf and a human.

First of all, if you want to draw a wolverine, then you should hold a good picture of his. Wolverine strikes in several different poses, and you should decide which is right for you. The wolverine overall is dependent on a few basic lines, and once you get the outline right, then the rest of it is basically easy. You have to draw an elongated oval to represent the head. Then below the circle you have to draw another large elongated circle to represent the body. Then with these two basic circles in place, start drawing the shoulders the arm and the legs. All these parts have to be muscular, so need some contours.

Across the center of the head you need draw some diamond shaped eyes and/or almond shaped for that matter, and also horizontal lines so that they represent the eyes. Then draw the eye brows. Then outside the circle, add two ears that look like a wolf’s ears. Then highlight the inside of the ears. Then you have to sketch out the face mask of the wolverine. Once you are done, draw the mouth which is in rectangular shape and you are done with the sketch. All you have left to do is the shading, and you can even use colors for this.

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Step By Step To Draw Wolverine




Wolverine-Biography-And-History      Wolverine is actually known as Logan. His real name is actually James Hewlett. Wolverine is a mutant between the human being and the wolf which happens due to a wolf bite to a human. So, the wolverine ultimately gins extra human powers and also the keen senses of the wolf. He can smell from miles away and also has razor sharp claws. Also, he has an amazing healing factor that can heal any kind of wound within a matter of a few seconds. So, he can never get hurt and will heal faster than one would think. More..




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