Gandhi Childhoods  

Gandhi spoke very fondly about his childhood in most of his papers and biographies. He gave small incidents through which he learnt many valuable lessons of life. He learned the great art of non violence from none other than his father.

Once when Gandhi was 7 years old, he stole some money from his father’s coat pocket. On coming to know of this Gandhi’s father called for him. Gandhi, though very scared, when he came in front of his father was shocked to see his father hitting himself. When he asked why his father was hitting himself, his father explained that he must have gone wrong somewhere in bringing him up and that is why Gandhi stole.

Gandhi felt very guilty after that and swore never to steal again. However, the most valuable lesson he learn that day was that if someone is wrong, you can never teach them using violence. He also learned that non violence is the biggest weapon for humanity.

Gandhi was a vegetarian right from childhood and he practiced non violence even on animals. He called it ahimsa, which is a path of non violence. Also, Gandhi was quite afraid of the dark as a child and always thought that there were ghosts and monsters in the hiding. He would never sleep alone as a child and was very dear to his mother.

He was married at a young age of 13 by his elders. However, as a contrast later in life Gandhi also participated in the child marriage abolition act after the freedom movement was successful.

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Gandhi Childhoods




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