Mahatma Gandhi Hard Decisions He Needed To Make In Life  

Even great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi had to face life and make some of the most difficult decisions for their lives. Right from childhood, Gandhi had to face disappointments and make changes to his life constantly to become successful. However, he ensured that he made the right decisions.

Gandhi as a child had a low self esteem and actually did not do very well in his studies. He was shy and would never talk to any of his classmates. He was always reserved and never social. He was married at an early age of 13 and his wife who was younger than him even after knowing him so well found it very difficult o adjust with him. He was jealous person by nature, demanding and also showed a lot of patience. He did not have domestic happiness at that time. In order to help himself come out of the situation, Gandhi had to leave home which was very difficult decision for him and he had to move to London.

In London, Gandhi, though started of with enough comforts, had to adjust to the extreme weather conditions and also had to give up on many comforts. To cut costs he had to move from the hotel room into a smaller room outside and also started walking to his college instead of using the public transport.  In order to over come his poor command over English he enrolled into special classes for learning the language and also enrolled into several other kinds of activities like dancing, French, and elocution.

During this time in life he acquired many qualities which he later used in his freedom struggle in India.

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Mahatma Gandhi Hard Decisions He Needed To Make In Life




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