What Did Mahatma Gandhi Teach On ?  

Gandhi loved teaching and designed a new methodology of teaching which benefited the younger children of India to a great extent. Gandhi took a deep interest in the learning process of children. When Gandhi returned from South Africa to India he was quite disappointed with the way the children were taught.

He thought that children are being taught in a language and syllabi that were completely irrelevant to India. The student just learned English alphabet and there was no connection to the land and its culture. Also, Gandhi arrived at the mind set that the best way of educating children and imparting literary training is to give them vocational training.

He believed more in practical training and also that children should be taught everything practically to gain best understanding.

A child should not be taught to write alphabets first but to draw lines and curves and other things. Once the child learns to draw, he or she would automatically write. There are several other schools of education which think similarly like Maria Montessori’s system and the Waldorff system.

Today, there are a very few schools based on the Gandhian principles of education and it is called the Nayee Taleem, which means new education. Gandhi also believed that what the child did later during college should be the choice of their individual preferences and the government should only be an examining body. The freedom of mind was very important for the Gandhian kind of education. The spinning wheel that he used through out his life was also used to educate children about pottery, spinning of yarn, dying of cloth, coloring and several more.

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What Did Mahatma Gandhi Teach On




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What Did Mahatma Gandhi Teach On ? )
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