Who Was The Person Who Shot Gandhi ?  

Nathuram Godse, originally named Ramchandra by his parents, was born in the Baramati Village of Pune district in the state of Maharashtra, India. His father’s name was Vinayak Vamanrao Godse and his mother was named Lakshmi.

His three brothers born before him died in their infancy. This led his parents to believe that there was a curse in their family which did not let the male children survive. So, the parents decided to bring up Nathuram as a girl in the first few years of his life. He was even made to pierce his nose a part of the effort. That is where he got his nickname Nathuram because he wore a nose ring. “Nath” in Hindi means a nose ring. He also was categorized as a homosexual for several years in his life. However, some people claimed that it was just a fabricated fact by the congress party in India.

Nathuram dropped out of school early and during his growing years, Gandhi was the perfect idol for him. Once he reached his early twenty’s, he joined the Hindu Mahasabha as an activist. The party fought for the rights of the Hindu’s and strongly opposed the Muslim league.

Nathuram Godse played a very important role in history of Indian Politics because he was the person who assassinated Gandhi. He strongly disagreed with Gandhi on the partition of India issues and felt that Muslims had to be sent back home to Pakistan. He was completely against sharing India with the local Muslims, who preferred to stay back in India rather then relocated to Pakistan during the partition.  

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Who Was The Person Who Shot Gandhi




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