Why Is Mahatma Gandhi Known For Peace ?  

Mahatma Gandhi is considered to be one of the greatest leaders in the world because he used the non violence approach. He fought the greatest war without using a single weapon. He was an exceptional person who used peace and yet won his wars without hurting or harming anyone.

He was a very principled man and believed that no one can achieve anything by hurting others. Once when a British official slapped him on his face, he showed the other cheek and this made the officer feel ashamed. Satyagraha is a principle that Gandhi used strongly through every step of his way. It means that fighting for the truth without violence and also insisting on the truth until the other person realizes.

He is known for peace because he managed to influence great leaders like Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela who adopted his principles to fight for their people.

The British government could not defeat him because he fought no war and even if they wanted to kill him, he had hundreds of followers who would have taken his place. Such was the effect of his teachings and also Gandhi fought no war so no one could defeat him at anything.

He pressurized the British government to leave the country through a people-led movement. There was no bloodshed and no violence in the end as the British left the country. However, Gandhi's fall came because some of his own country men whose freedom he fought for did not agree with him and one of those extremists took his life.

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Why Is Mahatma Gandhi Known For Peace




Facts-About-Gandhi      M. K. Gandhi or Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi was one of the greatest national leaders of India. He brought about immense change during the times of strife without using a weapon or war. He practiced non violence and attained freedom through peace. He is known as the Father of the Nation in India and commends great respect from its citizens. More..




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Why Is Mahatma Gandhi Known For Peace ? )
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