What Food Did Mother Teresa Eat ?  

Mother Teresa was a simple nun who led a very simple life in the service of the poor. The only thing she owned was two or three pair of clothes.

She always dressed in a plain white sari and covered her head in the Indian way. She was not born as an Indian and despite that she followed the customs because she wanted to be one among them.

Mother Teresa remained poor by choice, took to celibacy and she was selfless till the end. Since she decided to help the poor and the homeless, she decided to live in one of the dirtiest slums in Calcutta. She lived in the slums to help the poor, educate the children and orphans, and help the dying. Before she died, Mother Teresa helped thousands of people to die with dignity. All this she achieved through her simplicity.

There is a popular saying that “you are what you eat” and perhaps it is true. Mother was a vegetarian and had simple food to eat every single day. She reminded people of a saint in her food habits. She only ate lentils and rice every single day. The rice and the lentils that she ate was of the same quality that all her people ate. She did not ask or want any special treatment.  

She slept on the floor of a tiny room and woke up at 4 am every morning. She had a small bucket of water that she used to wash herself. She had no cupboards, no belongings and no requirements. In spite of all this, she still raised millions of dollars in funds and had the power to influence people towards charity.

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What Food Did Mother Teresa Eat




Who-Did-Mother-Teresa-Influence      Mother Teresa had served thousands of people who were poor, suffering, dying and orphaned. She had a huge impact on one and all. There is not a single soul in the world that does not bend their head in respect to her. Mother Teresa is not only an inspiration but a change that transformed several lives because she changed the way people thought. More..




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