Short Biography On Eleanor Roosevelt  

Short Biography On Eleanor Roosevelt

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt is known as the one who gave a voice to the unprivileged and top those who felt helpless due to lack of power. This American First Lady was born on 11 October 1884 in the city of New York. Roosevelt was brought up by the maternal grandmother of hers after the untimely death of her parents.More...


Why Was Eleanor Roosevelt Important ?

Why Was Eleanor Roosevelt Important

Eleanor Roosevelt has been very important part of the history of the United States just because her contribution, be it social or political is uncountable. Human rights are today an important issue all over the world, but not enough people know that she was the one who worked towards its beginning long back. Her efforts in this direction are the most important part of her great legacy. She was undoubtedly the most prominent UN member.More...


What Did Eleanor Roosevelt Accomplish In Her Life ?

What Did Eleanor Roosevelt Accomplish In Her Life

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, being the wife of one of the most popular presidents of the United States, is known more for her achievements rather than the fact that she was the ‘First Lady’ of America. She was born in New York on 11 October 1884. Her life ended on 7 November, 1962 but throughout her life she was politically and socially active which makes her immortal amongst people.More...


Where Did Eleanor Roosevelt Live ?

Where Did Eleanor Roosevelt Live

Eleanor Roosevelt was born in the year 1884 in the city of New York. She was left behind with her as her mother died.  In fact, her grandmother was the one who actually brought her up. So, as far as the places where Eleanor lived are concerned, the first place to be mentioned in the list would be New York as this was the place where she was born and brought up.More...


Childhood Of Theodore Roosevelt

Childhood Of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, the first US president of the twentieth century, was born in the year 1858 in the city of New York. He was known by the name of ‘Teddy’ during his childhood days. Though he was born to a wealthy family, his life was never smooth due to his illness. He was suffering from asthma and his eye sight was also very poor. Due to his bad health he remained a weak and sickly boy.More...


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How Did Eleanor Roosevelt Change The World ?

How-Did-Eleanor-Roosevelt-Change-The-World      Eleanor Roosevelt, who was known as the most influential American First Lady, contributed a lot towards changing the world making it a better place to live. Even today, she appears as an inspiration for leaders engaged in civil rights as well women related movements. She brought about a change in the role that First Lady was supposed to follow as usual by indulging herself into various social reforms. She helped people by giving them a voice which they needed as they lacked power. More..




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