Nelson Mandela Biography  

Nelson Mandela, the first state president of South Africa who was elected on democratic bases, was born on July 18, in the year 1918 at Ounu which is near Umtata. His father served as the chief councilor and after his death, he succeeded the post. During his graduation, he realized the unjust and unfair behavior towards the black political as well as economical.

Mandela soon got engaged in politics. He got expelled from the famous Fort Hare on charges of organizing strike. He graduated in law and afterwards opened up a law firm by the name of ‘Black Law’ in South America in 1952. It was tried to be closed down but the Supreme Court blocked its closure.

Nelson found the ENC Youth League in the year 1944 and it adopted its program of action in 1949. He was willing pushing ANC towards more direct programs and actions including the Defiance Campaign in 1952 and sabotage acts afterwards. During the end of the 50s, the state became more active towards closing of the ANC. Mandela was forced to resign and he worked underground. In late 50s, Mandela and some others were accused of treason but they turned victorious in proving themselves. In the year 1960, the political environment of the state was changed by the infamous Sharpeville massacre and ANC was banned by the government. This motivated Mandela advocating armed struggles.

However, Mandela was arrested in 1962 and was sentenced to a life-long imprisonment. After painful negotiations, he was released in the year 1990. By this time, Mandela had several people supporting him throughout the world. He was elected as the president of the state and he continued working as a president till June 1999. Even after his retirement, people look up to him as a man of great stature. He is appreciated and admired throughout the world as he had gone beyond his political role.

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Nelson Mandela Biography




Timeline-Of-Nelson-Mandela      Given below is the timeline of Mandela, which highlights the most important events that took place throughout his life. This keeps a record of all such events and arranges them in order taking up the shape of a biography. More..




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