Robert Kennedy Biography  

Robert Kennedy Biography

Robert Kennedy, one of the most popular personalities of the US, was born in Brookline in the year 1925 on November 25. He finished his graduation from the Milton Academy and after this he entered Harvard University. His college was interrupted in the middle due to the beginning of the Second World War. Robert then decided to join the Navy and was appointed as the lieutenant. But, after some time he went back to Harvard in order to complete his graduation in the year 1946. He graduated in the year 1948.

Robert Kennedy received his degree in law from the Virginia Law School and then in 1951 got admitted in Massachusetts bar. A year prior to this, he married Ethel Shekel. Robert became a part of the Criminal Division in the Department of Justice in the US. He got an appointment as one of the assistant counsels in the Senate subcommittee. He rejoined this committee as the Chief Counsel in year 1954. The next year he was chosen as one of the most outstanding young men. Kennedy helped his brother in his presidential election in the year 1960. He also got an important position in his cabinet. These brothers worked together towards their state.More...


Why Was Robert Kennedy Assassinated ?

Why Was Robert Kennedy Assassinated

Robert Kennedy, a senator of the US as well as the president’s brother, was assassinated soon after midnight in Los Angeles on 5 June 1968. Once he won the presidential elections, he was killed while walking thought the Ambassador Hotel. He was declared dead after 26 hours.

Sirhan, one of the Palestine immigrants, who was just 24 years old, was charged of the murder of this Senator. One of the reporters had recorded the entire event of assassination through an audio tape which was then captured in a film. His body was kept lying in New York for 2 days after which his funeral was held where a large number of people had come to pay their tributes to this great personality.More...


What Did Robert Kennedy Believe In ?

What Did Robert Kennedy Believe In

It is a well known fact that Robert Kennedy knew much ahead of time that he was highly likely to get assassinated anytime. So, he believed in living in the present moment, like it was the last day of his life. He believed strongly that everyone should live only in today as tomorrow is uncertain and might not even come. Undoubtedly, this held true for him to a very great extent. Thus, he believed in living life to the fullest every passing moment.

Robert Kennedy also believed in finding about the various facets of life by talking, seeing, and touching. He, therefore, visited the Black Mississippi share-croppers and the poor whites of the Appalachians with his friend Peter Edelman. Nevertheless, many people still think that Kennedy did all this just to win the maximum number of votes from the poor. On the personal front, Kennedy had great human qualities. He considered every person he came across as his own. Although had was pensive and serious all the time, he had an incredible, self-deprecating sense of humor. He strongly believed in working honestly with self-conscience instead of ruthless political opportunism.More...


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