Theodore Roosevelt Biography  

Theodore Roosevelt Biography

Theodore Roosevelt was born in the city of New York on 27 October 1858. He grew up as a sick boy as he suffered from various illnesses but the most out of these was asthma which used to trouble him the most and for a long. He traveled to Europe and Egypt with his entire family during his childhood.More...


What Is The Meaning Of Roosevelt Corollary ?

What Is The Meaning Of Roosevelt Corollary

There is a lot that is spoken about Roosevelt Corollary. Where some people may be aware of the fact but many of these people often wonder about the meaning of Roosevelt Corollary. It was actually an extension given to the Monroe Doctrine by Theodore Roosevelt during the year 1904.More...


What College Did Theodore Roosevelt Graduate From ?

What College Did Theodore Roosevelt Graduate From

Theodore Roosevelt's birth occurred in the city of New York in the year 1858. He was born on 27th October. Theodore, who was referred to as ‘Teddie’ by his parents, is a very essential part of the history. Roosevelt graduated from the Harvard University in the year 1876.More...


Childhood Of Theodore Roosevelt

Childhood Of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, the first US president of the twentieth century, was born in the year 1858 in the city of New York. He was known by the name of ‘Teddy’ during his childhood days. Though he was born to a wealthy family, his life was never smooth due to his illness. He was suffering from asthma and his eye sight was also very poor. Due to his bad health he remained a weak and sickly boy.More...


How Did Theodore Roosevelt Die ?

How Did Theodore Roosevelt Die

Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest president of the US, was born in the city of New York on 27 October 1858. He was a biographer, historian, hunter, statesman, an orator and a naturalist. He had written several books, magazine articles, and several speeches and letters. He was very popular throughout his political career and even today.More...


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Interesting Facts About Theodore Roosevelt

Interesting-Facts-About-Theodore-Roosevelt      Theodore Roosevelt was very popular as a president. Throughout his political career, he initiated a large number of efforts towards the welfare of his state as well as people. More..




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