Famous People With Diseases  

Diseases are part and parcel of our lives. While some can be cured, others end up taking our lives or debilitating us to such an extent that we get bedridden. Here is a list of famous people with diseases.

Famous People with Diseases:
Adolph Hitler was a German military and political leader and the most powerful dictator of the 20th century. His health was a mystery. He’s been said to have irritable bowel syndrome, irregular heartbeat, Parkinson’s disease and syphilis.

Pope John Paul’s health slowly declined from 1992. He rarely walked in public. He suffered from slurred speech and hearing difficulties. It was believed that he was a victim of Parkinson’s, which was confirmed by the Vatican after his death in 2003.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition. The airways get narrowed and there is impairment of the respiratory track. John Kennedy and Ludwig von Beethoven were asthmatic

Alzheimer’s disease stems from a neurological disorder in which the brain is affected. Loss of memory, strange behavior and impaired thinking is characteristic of this ailment. Victims of this disease include actors Dana Andrews, Charles Bronson and Mabel Albertson.

AIDS is a disease that occurs all over the world. Quite a few famous people are infected with it. The legendary basketball player Magic Johnson is a self proclaimed AIDS victim. When Bill Clinton underwent bypass surgery in 2004 for blocked arteries, it resulted in a large number of people conducting tests for the same.

The deaths of Ronald Reagan from Alzheimer’s disease, and Christopher Reeve from a complication of paralysis made heads turn to stem cell research.

Billy Powell was a member of the 70s famous band Lynyrd Skynyrd. He was fortunate to have survived an air crash until he was struck down by a heart attack which proved to be fatal in January 2009.

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Famous People With Diseases




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