Where Can I Meet Prince William ?  

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 to Prince Charles and Princess Diana. He is the second in line to the throne. A handsome young person as he is, one would like to meet him or converse with him. Prince William lives in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Sandringham. During Christmas one can find him in Sandringham.

The favorite vacation place of Prince William is Disney World in Florida. His favorite pastimes include swimming, hunting, fishing etc and one can get to meet him in swimming pools, open safari etc. His other hobbies include skiing, soccer, hockey, rowing and tennis and these can be the places where one can find Prince William. Sketching and painting are also his favorite pass times.

Prince William is also networking in cyberspace. Prince William has signed up with the social networking website Facebook. This site is very similar to MySpace; it helps in keeping in touch with large groups of friends at the same time.

Facebook offers more privacy features that the Prince avails. The profile of Prince William and his personal details are under protection. They are protected from casual surfers. It can be accessed only by those whom he would want to have accessibility. The Prince reportedly has forty-four friends when counted last. He has posted a photograph of himself under the name William Wales. He is seen with sunglasses and ski-hat.

Although he has a busy and hectic life, the Prince has managed to find time away from his army training and royal obligations to keep in touch with the friends and contacts he values. However, ordinary people would find it difficult to meet Prince William as there is concern about his personal safety and security.

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Where Can I Meet Prince William




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