Princess Diana Autopsy  

The tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales on 31 August 1997 shook the entire world. Since then there were extensive investigations in both England and France.

Different investigation agencies submitted their reports. Diana’s autopsy report revealed that Princess Diana died due to massive internal bleeding as a result of injury to the pulmonary vein.

According to the autopsy report, Princess Diana died of internal bleeding as a result of injury to the pulmonary vein, which carries oxygen rich blood from lungs to left atrium of the heart. Normally this type of injury does not lead to rapid blood loss, but can be stopped only by surgery. According to medical experts, these types of injury do not typically end in the death of the victim, if the injured person arrives at a hospital within 15 to 20 minutes after the accident. French Physician Frederic Maillez who was the first medical professional to arrive at the accident spot said that Princess Diana was looking pretty good and she had some chances of survival. His opinion was also shared by renowned surgeon Christian Bernard, who on March 3, 2001 wrote in “Telegraph” that Princess Diana could have been saved if she had reached the hospital on time.

The autopsy report also revealed that Diana unbuckled the back seat belt and as a result she slid forward during the accident, and the impact was so powerful that she was violently thrown forward damaging her heart. This resulted in the massive internal hemorrhage. Apart from this, she also had two episodes of cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. Despite lengthy resuscitation attempts, including internal cardiac message physicians failed to revive her. She breathed her last at 4 a.m. local time.

After eighteen months of judicial investigation and the autopsy report of the chauffer (Henry Paul) revealed that he was driving the car under the influence of drug and alcohol.

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Princess Diana Autopsy




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