When Did Thomas Edison Die ?  

Thomas Alva Edison, one of the most renowned inventors with nearly 1093 patents to his credit was born on February 11 in Milan. He was the last of the seven children born to Samuel Edison and Nancy Matthews Eliot. His most significant invention is the “light blub”, which revolutionized the entire world.

Edison’s first invention was a vote recorder in 1868. This was followed by the invention of the stock ticker and also the printing telegraph in 1869.

In 1876, he founded the first laboratory for industrial research in Menlo Park. The following year, he invented phonograph and carbon telephone transmitter. Two years later, in 1878, he founded the Edison Electric Light Company in New York. The same year, he patented his works on sound recording and reproducing phonograph.
1879 was a significant year as he demonstrated the Incandescent Electric Lamp with a carbon filament in Menlo Park. The following year, he started the Edison Electric Illuminating Company and also patented the electric distribution system.

The first steam generated power station was established in 1882 in London at Holborn Viaduct. The same year, Edison also established the first investor-owned electric utility at Pearl Street Station in New York. In 1883, he described the famous Edison effect based on the electron flow in a heated filament.

The invention of Kinetoscope and Kinetograph in 1891 marked the beginning of the technology of motion pictures. In 1915, he was appointed as the president of the U.S. Navy Consulting Board.

Edison lived till the ripe old age of 84.

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When Did Thomas Edison Die




Facts-On-Thomas-Edison      Thomas Alva Edison was one of the most famous inventors of his times and patented nearly 1093 inventions during his life time. However, his most significant invention that revolutionized the entire world was the invention of the “light blub”. More..




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