Is Dave Batista Still Married ?  

Today, Batista is not a married man. He is single and available. However, he was married to Glenda in 1990. They were married until 1998, and have two daughters, Keilani and Athena. Keilani also has two sons.

This means that Batista was already a grandfather by the age of forty.Batista divorced Glenda in 1998 and married Angie. He was more attached to Angie, and mentions her several times in his autobiography. He even said that he understood his second wife better after the divorce in 2006, and it was therapeutic. When Batista was married to Angie, he had developed a passion for collecting vintage lunchboxes. He also gifted one of them to his wife Angie. He collected a Green Hornet lunchbox and also an ET lunchbox. Batista has mentioned both his wives in his autobiography, but not his girlfriends. He even claims that he has come to know his second wife Angie better after reading the biography.

After his divorce came through in 2006, he had a relationship with WWE diva Melina Perez. He, however, had several break ups with her and even dated other top divas. However, today, whether Batista has a girlfriend is not confirmed. His relationship with Melina is believed to be an ongoing one. Batista never got back with his former wife. He was featured in several gossip magazines with Melina which also led to speculations on his relationship with the Perez girl. His relationship with Melina Perez even led to a brief confusion in Smack Down. He had a fight with MNM about Melina. In 2009, Batista has been taking some time off from wrestling due to an injury.

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Is Dave Batista Still Married





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