How Much Can Hulk Hogan Bench Press ?  

Bench press is a common exercise done in the realm of professional wrestling, and it is a common question for people to ask how much do pro athletes bench press. It signifies how strong an athlete is.

Bench press is a way to do push ups by lying flat on the ground and pushing your body up so that you lift it away from the ground using your hands. The whole action seems as though you are pressing the bench.The ability of bench pressing keeps changing constantly, and a person cannot bench press the same amount he would have done six years ago. On a television show called Hogan Knows Best, in one serial, Hulk Hogan struggled with 205 pounds on an inclined bench press machine. However, this does not give a very impressive picture of Hulk Hogan because he was once known for body slamming Andre the Giant when no other wrestler could.

Bench pressing is a very relative term, and it keeps changing according to the person’s capability at that point of time. Nobody’s bench press score stays the same from one incident to the next. In his younger days, Hulk Hogan could have bench pressed to a much higher extent. He is known to have done as much as 405 repetitions in one go.

The ability to bench press also comes down along with age. So, bench press ability has less bearing in wrestling, and cannot be used as benchmark for the strength of a wrestler at any point of time.

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How Much Can Hulk Hogan Bench Press





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