Is Jeff Hardy Married ?  

Jeff Hardy is the son of Gilbert Hardy and Randy Moore Hardy. He has a younger brother called Matt. Hardy’s mother died of brain cancer in 1986. Hardy was only nine years old at that time.

He developed an early interest in Motocross, and got his first bike when he was 13 years old. Hardy also played baseball as a child.Jeff Hardy is not married, but he has a girlfriend from 1999. Jeff Hardy met his first girlfriend Beth Britt in a club. Shortly after his Championship in WWF team, the Hardy Boyz went to a club in North Carolina. It is here he met his long time girlfriend. On March 15, 2008 his house was burnt in fire due to an electrical short circuit.  He along with his girlfriend were out at that time, but his dog Jack died in the fire. Jeff currently lives with his brother Matt and is building another house in the same place.

There were rumors that he was dating Trish Stratus also. Several people have seen them kissing back stage before wrestling matches. His relationship with Trish Stratus came into limelight when he was still with his girlfriend Beth. However, this relationship with Trish was a storyline for WWE. So, it does not hold any truth.

Right now Jeff Hardy is single and unmarried. His ongoing relationship with his girlfriend Beth is also not clear. Hardy has been in news for other reasons as well like drug abuse and tardiness on stage. His extreme drinking problems have caused him to take a break from wrestling. He also refused to go to rehab, and that is why it is rumored that he was taken out from WWE for a brief while.

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Is Jeff Hardy Married





Jeff-Hardy-Biography      Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are more popularly known as the Hardy Boyz, and they used to wrestle together. His parents were Gilbert and Randy Moore Hardy. Jeff’s mother died of brain cancer when he was nine years old. Jeff Hardy had a great interest in Motocross and he owned his first bike, a Yamaha, when he was only 13 years old. However, he was involved in an accident and hurt his arm while racing. More..




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