How Did Emily Dickinson Die ?  

Emily Dickenson, born in Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10, 1830, was a famous American writer who became more renowned after her death as her first famous literary work was published after her sister found her poems.

Emily wrote almost 1,775 poems during her lifetime but gave titles to only 24 of her writings. She sent her poems only to her family members and friends and published hardly ten of them when she was live. She did not receive any awards during her lifetime.

Emily’s work covered a variety of topics and portrayed powerful, unique and revolutionary perspectives on friendship, relationship, nature, love, life and death. During her last years, when she lost her parents and nephew, the already reclusive and introverted writer never left her room. She wrote a lot about death, which was a traumatic force that ruled her life then.

In 1884, she suffered from an attack and two years later, she died on May 15, 1886. After her death, her younger sister, Lavinia, discovered her work, which was edited by Thomas Wentworth Higginson and Mrs. Mabel Todd. Her first published work was released in the year 1990, four years after Emily’s demise.

Her lines written in solitude carried a lot of meaning and her works broke the conventional rules and established a new phase of poetry. She had a literary standard of her own with her unique pattern of word usage.

         Emily’s poems reflect a lot of intensity and passion towards relationship though she did not marry during her lifetime. In fact, she was known for her white clothing, her reserved nature and her reluctance to greet guests.

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How Did Emily Dickinson Die




Most-Famous-Emily-Dickinson-Poem      Emily Dickinson, a famous American poet was born in Massachusetts to an educated and politically active family. She has written almost 1775 poems during her lifetime but she published very few of them. After her death, her younger sister Lavinia, discovered her works and published her first collection in 1890. More..




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