How Much Oil Do I Need To Change My Oil ?  

If you are the sort of person who rather check your car yourself than take it to a garage, then you should know that the oil level in your car should be checked every few hundred miles. But most people are hesitant because they do not know how much oil needs to be changed.

Are you one of those who is asking himself how much oil do I need to change my oil? Well, here is the answer to this often-asked question. Make sure you park your car on a level surface, allow the engine to cool down. Then remove the oil dipstick, clean and reinsert it. Remove it again and take the reading of the oil.

Under normal circumstances, the oil should be at the full mark. If the oil level is at or below the add mark, it means that you need to add a quart of oil. If the oil mark is between the full mark and add mark, you need to add less than a quart to bring the level back to full. A point to remember is that oil flows slowly so when you add oil initially, it may not show. That is why it is best to wait and check the oil level later on in the day to see whether it has reached the full mark. If not, you can add a little more and follow the same procedure of checking.

Another way to find out how much oil I need to change my oil is to check the owner's manual. This will tell you how the oil capacity of your engine. Once you know the capacity, pour three-fourths of that amount into your engine. For instance, if your car engine has a capacity to hold 4 quarts of oil, you should be looking to add around 3.5 quarts.

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How Much Oil Do I Need To Change My Oil ?




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