Cost To Replace Alternator In Chevrolet Venture  

The cost to replace an alternator in Chevrolet venture is not that high as it is in its competitor. The alternator functions in charging the battery used in the vehicle and the electricity in the battery is converted by the alternator to operate the other electrical components in the vehicle.

It is not difficult to find an alternator in the vehicle because it is place in front of the engine and replacing it would not take much time. The testing of alternator can be done at any store because it can be removed easily. The testing of the equipments can prove whether the alternator is faulty or the battery is dead.

The cost to replace alternator in Chevrolet venture is very low and it can be done easily at home. The first step is to open the hood and locate the Van’s battery and alternator. The battery can be located in a compartment at the front of engine. The black cable is the negative cable that has to be disconnected from the battery. The next step is to locate the tensioner pulley beneath the alternator. You have to take the belt off the alternator tensioner pulley by unscrewing the bolts. The next step is to seclude the positive terminal of the battery from the back of the alternator. There is a brace at the bottom of the alternator, unbolt the brace and remove.

The remaining brace holds the alternator; remove the bolt that is connecting the alternator to the brace. Keep in mind you do not have to remove the brace. The alternator has to be pulled from the engine compartment, for that you have to remove the bolt from the mounting bracket. After the alternator is removed from the engine compartment, replace it with new alternator. The new one should be bolted to the 2 braces and mounting bracket. Then bolt the positive and negative wires to the alternator. Also, make tighter the tensioner pulley of the alternator. When all the connections are complete then start the vehicle to make sure the connections made are proper and in the right manner.  

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Cost To Replace Alternator In Chevrolet Venture




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