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Honda Motors is a highly acclaimed automobile company. It is known worldwide for its reliable, customized, and stylish vehicles. Honda CRV too belongs to this category of Honda vehicles. Knowing people’s demand for utility vehicles Honda came up with this one so as to startle everyone. The motive behind launching was certainly to create a niche but it soon felt the need to satisfy those consumers who were looking out for something heavy yet stylish.

This particular vehicle was a sure success because of many of its most intimidating features which very few vehicles provided. The design was totally new for any sports vehicle and the engine along with handling was certainly a hit. It was initially priced at a high price .But it easily accommodated five people and some cargo space. The sales just kept increasing and so did the demand. It has strongly captured the consumer’s attention for a very long period of time and still enjoys the loyalty and appreciation. The number of vehicles that were sold in the US in 2009 was around 191,214.

Today it is available in three trim sectors - firstly, the LX model, followed by EX-L and EX models. Each brings out new and additional features along with some great designs. It is a mixture of high power, capability, and stunning design. When it comes to harsh roads this surely can be an easy pick. Now the three versions bring in different accessories and add-ons. LX might provide you with a normal CD player and a classic air conditioning system. The EX version would come with some upgraded accessories in terms of music system, extra shield of glass, and special alloy wheels. The EX-L will have the best of the features be it Bluetooth service, navigator or a satellite radio. You can easily see that all three versions have different accessories which differ right from the quality to quantity. Most importantly the resale value of this car is better than any other. The transmissions are manual and automatic. Go enjoy the comfortable ride.

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Honda Crv Reviews




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Best-Price-For-Honda-Crv      A vehicle loosely based on sports utility car. Honda CRV was primarily made keeping the sports utility vehicle in mind. It was manufactured in 1996. Honda realized that the demand for SUVs had increased and hence they too felt to establish themselves in that arena. Now the design was an expansion of Honda Civic. Honda sales catalogue describes CR-V as the Compact Recreational Vehicle. More..





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