Nissan Frontier Heater Problems  

Nissan Frontier, the name used for the D40 and D22 generations of pickup trucks manufactured by Nissan, is marketed mainly in the Philippine and South, Central, and North American markets. This product line was first introduced in the market in the year 1998, as an improvement over the earlier model, called the Nissan D21 Hardbody Truck, in the same category.

Although Nissan Frontier was launched in market as the taller, bigger, and longer version of pickup trucks, it is presently included in the mid-sized truck category.

Although Nissan Frontier gained a lot of popularity in the market, many consumers began to encounter serious heater problems with their Frontier. These consumer complaints regarding the Nissan Frontier heater surfaced during 2005-2007. In most cases, the heater fan was found to stop working suddenly. Thus, the major issue was with the inoperative high speed of the fan of the heater. Another rare problem that a few consumers experienced with the heater of 4-cylinder Nissan Frontier was that the fuse was blown off by the fan soon after the engine was turned on.

If you face any such problem, all you have to do is get the resistor replaced. It is this resistor that controls the speed of the heater fan via a switch. Resistor is indeed a very common replacement item and can be obtained from any local auto parts dealer. Fixing the heater issues in your Nissan Frontier is not a big deal. With a little patience, you can fix it yourself at your home. Resistor is actually a small plastic duct that connects the blower motor to the central hump. Once you remove the tin plate and glove box, you can easily access the duct. The switch with 5 wires is just there, beneath glove box.

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Nissan Frontier Heater Problems




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