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Calcium is an important mineral that is required by the body for maintaining normal heart beat, transmitting nerve impulses, stimulating the secretion of hormone; aiding clotting of blood and helping in the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. In order to ensure that calcium deficiency does not occur, people, especially women, are recommended calcium supplements. However, when it comes to calcium supplements, it is best to look for one that will be absorbed well by the body.

While calcium is present in many food items that we consume, it may be necessary for some people to take calcium supplement. This is especially true if calcium-rich food is not consumed every day. The body is unable to store calcium and therefore, it requires calcium on a daily basis for bodily functions. If calcium is not provided to the body, it will begin taking it from the bones which will reduce bone density and result in osteoporosis in the long run.

There are many kinds of calcium supplements, but a person should be looking for the best absorbed calcium supplement. When shopping for calcium supplements, you should be looking for certain characteristics in the supplement. These supplements are sold in the form of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium citrate. However, a person should be checking the label to see how much elemental calcium is present in supplement.

Usually, when it comes to the best absorbed calcium supplement, most products sold in the market are absorbed by the body without any problems. However, in order to find out the absorbability of the supplement, place on tablet of the supplement in some warm water. Let the mixture stand for half an hour. Stir the water on and of. After half and hour check the supplement. If it has dissolved, it will be absorbed well by your body. On the other hand, if the supplement has not dissolved or has dissolved partially, it will not be absorbed by your body. This is because the supplement will not dissolve in the stomach. Usually, people are advised to take chewable tablets or liquid calcium to ensure high absorbability.

Another factor that affects the absorption of calcium is the number of times a person takes it. If a person takes calcium supplements many times a day, the absorption of calcium improves. However, the amount should not exceed 500mg of calcium per day initially. Gradually, the amount can be increased to a maximum of 1,000 to 1,300mg per day. If a person is taking calcium carbonate, the absorption is better if the supplement is taken along with food. On the other hand, supplement of calcium citrate can be taken any time of the day.

If you are really looking for the best absorbed calcium supplement, consult your doctor. He/she will recommend one brand name that your body may tolerate. However, at times, some people may suffer from flatulence and/or constipation on taking one brand. In such a case, the person can consult the doctor again to change the brand and ensure better absorbability.

Furthermore, if you are taking some other medications or supplements, consult the doctor about when you should take the calcium supplement, as it can interfere with the absorption of other supplements and medications. Calcium should not be taken with iron supplements, as it has an adverse effect on the absorption of iron. But calcium can be taken along with Vitamin D, as the vitamin facilitates absorption of calcium.

To conclude, it is very difficult to say which are the best absorbed calcium supplements. This can vary from person to person based on the purity of the supplement, the person’s body constitution and the side effects of taking the supplement.

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Calcium Deficiency Side Effects      When a person does not have enough calcium in his/her blood, it is known as calcium deficiency or hypocalemia. Calcium is an extremely important nutrient, as it is required for the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth; for aiding in the transmission of impulses from the nerve cells; facilitating clotting of the blood; maintaining normal heart beat; helping in the contraction of muscles; and ensuring that stimulation for hormone secretion occurs. Hence, when a person suffers from calcium deficiency, he/she will show a whole range of side effects. More..




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