Calcium Deficiency Side Effects  

When a person does not have enough calcium in his/her blood, it is known as calcium deficiency or hypocalemia. Calcium is an extremely important nutrient, as it is required for the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth; for aiding in the transmission of impulses from the nerve cells; facilitating clotting of the blood; maintaining normal heart beat; helping in the contraction of muscles; and ensuring that stimulation for hormone secretion occurs. Hence, when a person suffers from calcium deficiency, he/she will show a whole range of side effects.

When a person has calcium deficiency, the body begins leaching the calcium present in the bones. When this occurs, it can result in a condition known as osteopenia. In this condition, the mineral density of the bone reduces. If osteopenia is not controlled, it will eventually lead to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is more common in women compared to men. But, even men can end up with osteoporosis.

Pregnant women, who have calcium deficiency, are prone to developing osteoporosis later on in life. Furthermore, scientific studies have shown that pregnant women suffering from hypocalemia are more prone to getting problems associated with the cardiovascular system and the nervous system. Hence, some of the calcium deficiency side effects include problems associated with the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

It has also been seen that women who breastfeed can suffer from calcium deficiency. This is because estrogen levels are low in a nursing woman’s body and this adversely affects the absorption of calcium. So, this can result in several health-related problems in areas where calcium is required by the body, with osteoporosis being the worst.

Also, women suffering from calcium deficiency will notice that they are suffering from hordes of other problems, which are common to both genders. They will tend to bleed easily, as the clotting of blood will be affected. They may suffer from palpitations, suffer from muscular cramps and also have hormonal imbalance. Hence, calcium can cause a whole range of problems in the body if sufficient amounts of the mineral are not consumed.

There are calcium supplements available. However, before you begin taking the supplements, consult your doctor. The doctor will advice you about how much supplement you should be taking based on your age, gender and other health conditions. Once you start taking calcium supplements and eat a diet rich in calcium, many of the calcium deficiency side effects will alleviate.

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Foods Rich In Calcium      Calcium is an essential element that our body requires for the proper functioning of the skeletal system. Hence the uptake of food that is rich in calcium is very important for the proper maintenance of bones and the teeth to perform its function effectively. If sufficient amount of calcium is not taken in the diet, then the individual may undergo various bone related problem like osteoporosis. Those children who do not take adequate amount of calcium are prone for poor bone mass resulting in the risk of bone fracture. More..




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