Sources Of Calcium With Vitamin D  

Calcium absorption by the body is facilitated by Vitamin D. Hence, both these are extremely important nutrients. Not only is the calcium required for promoting bone growth and maintaining bone health, it also is important for maintaining a healthy heart and promoting proper functioning of nerves and muscles. As per National Institutes of Health’s Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center, a person requires a minimum of 1,000mg of calcium and between 400IU and 600IU of Vitamin D per day. Typically, calcium and Vitamin D come from food sources.

Some of the sources of calcium with Vitamin D include the following:

Fortified dairy products are replete with calcium as well as Vitamin D. As per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), eating fortified dairy products and foods ensures that a person gets the daily requirement calcium and Vitamin D. When it comes to fortified dairy products, a person should be looking to consume yogurt, cream and milk on a daily basis. The NIH states that fortified milk has 100IU of Vitamin D in each cup. A single cup of yogurt provides 415mg calcium, as per the University of Michigan Health System.

Most of us do not consume sufficient amount of green vegetables on a daily basis. This could explain why so many people suffer from calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies. Leafy green vegetables are extremely good sources of calcium. Examples include broccoli, collard greens and kale. The only vegetable that can provide Vitamin D in a natural form is mushroom. In fact, whether a person is consuming fresh or canned mushroom, it will contain the vitamin. Hence, a person can combine mushrooms and leafy green vegetables in salads, soups or sandwiches to ensure that they get both the vitamin and mineral from a single food source.

Fortified foods, such as orange juice and canned mushrooms are also good sources of calcium and Vitamin D. Today, you can get orange juice that is fortified with the vitamin and calcium. A single glass of orange juice will provide a person with 259IU Vitamin D. You can also look to consume fortified cereals and oatmeal. As per the Linus Pauling Institute, one bowl of fortified cereal contains 40 to 50IU Vitamin D and around 100mg to 1,000mg calcium. On the other hand, one packet of oatmeal fortified with calcium and Vitamin D provides a person 350mg of the former and 154IU of the latter.

There are some types of seafood that contain calcium as well as Vitamin D. These include oysters, salmon, shrimp, and clams. If a person consumes 3 oz. of salmon, he/she will get 225mg calcium and 794IU Vitamin D. Even tuna and mackerel have both the mineral as well as the vitamin.

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