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Iron is a vital mineral required by our body in order to ensure growth, healing, production of energy, functioning of immune system and transportation of oxygen to different parts of the body. Iron comes in ‘heme’ and ‘non-heme’ varieties. The former is a substance in the hemoglobin which contains iron and is found in food from animal sources which is more easily absorbed. The latter is found in food from plant sources.

Some factors which affect the levels of iron in the body are age, sex, smoking and altitude. The ideal recommended level of iron in adult males is 8mg. for females before reaching menopause; the recommended level is 18 mg. These levels change depending on one’s age.

Some sources of food rich in iron content are:

    • Seafood: Shellfish are good sources of iron. Canned clams provide 23.8mg in a serving of 3 ounces. Six medium sized oysters provide 5.04mg. Fishes are also good sources of iron. Broiled cod provides 0.4mg, while 3 oz of canned tuna or salmon and cooked shrimp provides 0.7 mg.
    • Liver: Liver or other organ meat is good sources of heme-iron. 3 oz of beef liver provides 7.5 mg while 3 ounces of chicken liver provides 12.8 mg.
    • Meat: Dark meat and beef are rich sources of heme-iron. Around 3 oz of beef provides 2.32mg, 3 ounces of dark meat of chicken or pork provides 1.2 mg, 3.5 ounces of dark turkey provide 2.3 mg while the same serving of white meat contains only 1.6 mg of iron. The cut of the meat also affects the iron content.
    • Grains: Many grains like cereals have non-heme iron. A cup of dry raisin barn cereal provides 5.79-18mg. An ounce of other fortified cereals can provide 1.8-21.1 mg. A cup of instant oatmeal contains 10mg. 3 slices of white or whole-wheat bread contain 1.8 mg while enriched grains like macaroni or rice provide 1-2mg of iron.
    • Vegetables and Fruits: These provide non-heme iron. An ounce of pumpkin or squash seed kernel provides 4.2mg. A serving of small box of raisins provides 0.81mg and 5 prunes provide 0.45mg of iron. 6 ounces of prune juice can provide 2.28mg. One medium sized baked potato has 1.87mg. Half a cup of spinach can provide 1.9-3.2 mg depending on the method used for its preparation.
    • Beans: Legumes and beans provide non-heme iron. One cup of boiled soybean provides 8.8mg. One cup of cooked lentil provides 6.6 mg, while one cup of kidney beans, cooked, has around 5.2 mg iron.

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