Parenting Advice For Grounding Kids

          When children misbehave, grounding is one of the most common methods to discipline children. Parents forbid children to leave home for social events for a certain period of time. Many parents also prohibit children from entertaining activities like watching television.


 Is grounding an effective way to punish your children?

            Grounding can be an effective discipline method, if parents use it properly. The trick is to ground your children for appropriate amount of time. For instance, if you ground your children for several weeks or months, your children will have little incentive to behave well during the grounding. Furthermore, parents who ground their children for a long time often give in. Children will learn that their parents will not follow through when they are grounded. Grounding is the most effective methods for children between the ten to sixteen year olds. Here are tips that help.

Create a Job List: Keep your children busy during the grounding. You should have a list of chores that need be done around the house. These extra chores should not be regular jobs that your children are doing regularly, and they should not be too easy to do. Your children should need significant amount of time to complete these tasks, and they have to be able to do them. Some examples of these chores are cleaning bathroom, washing windows, and mowing the lawn.

Clearly Define Grounding: Clearly discuss your definition of grounding to your children. For instance, your children are expected to stay in the room except for going to school, no video games, no radio, no phone calls, etc.

Check Their Works: You have to follow through your orders. Children need to complete their tasks. If the chores are done well, compliment your children. If it is not done right, talk to them without becoming upset.


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Parenting Advice For Grounding Kids







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