Drug Addiction And Child Development

         There are no doubts that drug abuse will endanger your child development and health. Drug addiction can change eating and sleeping habits, moods, appearance, and interests of your child. The younger the child is exposed to drug the higher the risks for his health. Drug addiction can be fatal for children and stunt growth and child developments.


            Moderate drinking for an adult is fairly safe, but a child is more vulnerable to Alcohol. Alcohol abuse can increase the risks of fatty liver, liver cancer, gouty arthritis, heart attack, Hyperglycermia, Hypoglycemia, obesity, fetal alcohol syndrome, neuropathy and dementia disorders, malnutrition, and many other diseases.


            Marijuana can raise your blood pressure and increase the risks of heart attacks. The heart rhythm may speed up by as much as fifty percent in some users. Marijuana can cause problems with memory and learning, problem solving skills, and loss of coordination


            Cocaine can be injected, snorted, or even smoked. Cocaine works by interfering with brain chemical that associated with pleasure and movements. Cocaine abuse can increase the risks of health attacks, brain hemorrhage, respiratory failure, and repeated convulsions. Cocaine users who stop using cocaine can experience withdrawn symptoms like vomiting, depression, irritability, and strong craving of cocaine.          


            Although Ecstasy is not addictive as cocaine or heroin, it is known to cause injury to the brain. Some short term side effects of ecstasy are hallucinations, blurred vision, chill and tremors. Ecstasy is considerably a new drug. Its long term side effects are just beginning to undergo scientific analysis, but it is known that ecstasy increase the risk of permanent brain damage, depression, and memory loss, and neuropsychotic disorders.


Get Help:

             If you suspect that your children may have drug addiction problem, you can get help from many non profit social organization. Call toll free 1 - 877 - 437 -8422 to find out more.

Drug Addiction And Child Development


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