How To Adopt An 18 Year Old  

       If you are looking to adopt an 18-year old, you will find many conflicting opinions and statements. The fact is that an 18-year old is legally an adult and you can adopt one if you follow all the rules and regulations. In addition, there are only some states in the US that allow you to adopt an 18-year old. To find out whether your state allows it, you will have to check with the necessary authorities.

         However, here is the procedure, a general one, to adopt an 18-year old and this procedure will mostly stay the same in the states that allow adult adoption.

         You can adopt an 18-year old if he or she is your stepchild, niece, nephew, cousin or grandchild. This adoption has to be done by way of an agreement of adoption that has to be approved by the court in the county in which the adoptive parent or the 18-year old live in. A foster parent is also entitled to adopt an 18-year old who has been placed in his or her care when the 18-year old was the juvenile and the foster parent maintained family relation with him or her for 5 years or more.

         The agreement of adoption has to be in writing and it has to be executed by the parent. A married person who is not legally separated from his or spouse, has to get consent from the spouse before the adoption take place. You do not require the consent of the natural parents to execute the adoption.

         When you file for adoption of an 18-year old, the court will set a place and time for the hearing. Both parties, the parent and the 18-year old, have to present for the hearing. In case you cannot appear, you have to give written authorization to your attorney to appear on your behalf. Any interest person can come to the hearing and object to the adoption. If this happens, the court will then designate a person to submit a written report on the welfare, competency and best interests of the parties involved. Thereafter, the court will take decision.


          If the adoption benefits and serves the interests of the parent, the adoptee and the public, the court will give its consent and you will be the legal parent of the 18-year old.


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