Black Ghetto Baby Names

     A name is one thing that starts when the child is born and lasts forever. Parents have a variety of reasons while choosing a name for their baby. Some want the name to resemble their loved ones, while others want to name the child after somebody they admire. There are parents who want to have an extraordinary name for their baby, while some parents want to reflect their origins through their baby’s name.


      Black ghetto names are nothing but unusual or extraordinary African-American names whose usage is not common. These names are used by African-Americans as a means of showing their ethnic identity as descendants from Africa. This practice of using black ghetto baby names started during the civil rights movement when many African-American parents felt the need to express pride in their African origin and heritage by passing down African names and their derivatives to their children.


      It is the prime responsibility of the parents to choose a name for the new baby that does not make the child feel awkward or embarrassed when the baby grows up. Choosing a name that reflects ethnic origin is not a bad idea. However, trouble starts only when parents look for derivatives that are farther away from the original. These sorts of names are difficult to pronounce and might cause humiliation to the child at a later age. Children have to face a society where everybody is not equal. Another major risk of assigning black ghetto baby names to children is an increased risk of discrimination. Hence, parents should always have a second thought before choosing black ghetto baby names for their children.

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