What Can Cause Your Breast Milk Production To Slow Down  

        There are many reasons due to which your breast milk production can slow down. Some of the factors that influence breast milk production are hormonal problems, fatigue, excessive drinking of coffee or soft drinks high in caffeine, smoking and using certain types of drugs.

          It has been seen that in many women breast milk production slows down due to maternal stress. This stress could due to emotional disturbance or physical pain. In addition, stress can also be induced when you worry about a child, lose a loved one or you are going through a stressful change in your life like a divorce. Situations like thing temporary slow down the production of breast milk, and in some women it stops their ability to lactate completely.

           It is possible to for the regular breast milk production to resume with continued sucking or pumping of the breasts. This is only possible if you are motivated enough to continue breastfeeding. However, besides this you should determine all the factors that affecting your milk supply.

         If you are stressed out, take time to discuss it with your partner, spouse or healthcare provider. It is important to speak to your healthcare provider because your breast milk production could have reduced because of something you are eating or the medications you are taking. The healthcare provider can also determine whether your breast milk production has slowed down due to hormonal problems.

         When you are breast feeding your baby, make sure all disrupting factors in the environment are done away with as these too can affect a mother’s ability to produce milk. Breast feeding is the time for you and your baby. Nothing should spoil those special moments.


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What Can Cause Your Breast Milk Production To Slow Down




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