Breast Growth Induced Lactation  

      For mothers who get babies through surrogacy or adoption, induced lactation is an opportunity for the mother to experience physical and emotional bonding with the newborn. Usually mothers use the time breast feeding to bond with their infants.

       Lactaction involves two hormones and these hormones are Prolactin and Oxytocin. Prolactin is the milk making hormone and oxytocin is responsible for the releasing of breast milk. Unlike other hormones, these two hormones are controlled by the pituitary gland and are not ovarian hormones. Thus, it is possible to induce lactation even if a woman has had hysterectomy.

       The hormones involved in induced lactation respond to nipple stimulation and this means they will also respond to manual stimulation of the nipples and breasts. Manual stimulation can be massaging the breast, nipple manipulation, sucking by the baby or sucking by a hospital grade electric breast pump.

       Usually manual stimulation is sufficient to induce lactation. However, women have the option of choosing hormonal therapy to bring about lactation. In this therapy, the woman is administered with large doses of estrogen hormone which fools the body into believing that the woman is pregnant. Then the hormone is abruptly withdrawn just like what happens after a woman gives birth. Thereafter, prolactin levels are increased by giving medication and allowing the baby to suck the nipple.

       Inducing lactation can take anywhere from 5 days to 4 months. Initially mothers produce just a few drops of milk but as the process of inducing lactation continues, women start experiencing the following symptoms:

- Increased thirst

- Change in the nipple color

- Breast growth

- Tenderness of the breasts

- Change in menstruation cycle

- Change in libido

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Breast Growth Induced Lactation




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