Tips For Inducing Lactation In Any Woman  

      Inducing lactation is an artificial method of producing milk in a woman’s breasts. This option is usually considered if a mother is having difficulties producing milk on her own, adopting a baby or is using a surrogate mother to have a baby. Inducing lactation is a great boon for women who want to breast feed but cannot.

       Lactation can be induced by stimulating the nipple. This stimulation results in the increase in the hormone responsible for milk production. The hormone is known as prolactin. However, just having prolactin in the body is not sufficient to for milk production. Even the ductile tissue of the breasts has to be increased in size. This would explain the reason why women who induce lactation produce less milk. The reason is because they have fewer ducts compared to woman who goes through the process of pregnancy and childbirth.

       You can also induce lactation by taking medication. Many doctors might recommend taking Reglan or Domperidone. These two drugs increase the production of prolactin and it is believed that the side effects from these drugs are minimal.

Here are some tips for inducing lactation in any woman:

- Visit you doctor to discuss the various options open for inducing lactation. You should take the best possible option. If necessary, you can also contact an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

- You can stimulate your breasts by massaging it. Or you can stimulate the nipple manually or using a breast pump. If you are using a breast pump, it is best to use a hospital grade pump which is available a most local hospitals and drug stores.

- You can opt for taking drugs like Reglan or Domperidone to induce lactation. However, you need to consult your physician for this option.

- The other option of inducing lactation is to opt for hormonal therapy. Here, you will be injected with estrogen and once the estrogen reaches the required level, you will be injected with prolactin enhancing hormone which is start the milk production.

      If your baby has already come home, you can place the baby near the nipple and allow him or her to suckle it. This process will take time.

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Tips For Inducing Lactation In Any Woman






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