C Section Incision And Not Healing  

      Many times a c-section is performed it is safer for a mother or baby compared to a vaginal delivery.  Whether you have planned your c-section or it happens unexpectedly, you have to promote the recovery of the surgery after it happens because there can be incidents of the c-section incision not healing properly after the surgery.

      Major concern after a c-section is infections and that is why you have to take good care of the incision to ensure that it heals quickly and fully. Out of every 20 cesareans performed in the United States just 1 or 2 cases develop infections with the incision not healing properly. The most common places that develop infection after a c-section are the uterus, the urinary tract and the incision itself.

      You know that you have an infection in your incision if it appears red and swollen several after the c-section. In addition there might be pus draining from the incision. These are signs of early infection in the incision and you should immediately contact your obstetrician. A usual sign of a c-section incision not healing is excruciating pain accompanied by a visibly split and bleeding scar. This invariably happens when the woman tries to push her recovery too fast.

      All c-section incisions are tender for a while and chances are that the incision will itch a lot. You should refrain from itching as it can cause infection in the incision and delay the healing process. At times itching or rubbing the incision can damage the scar tissue by tearing the incision open and exposing you to infections.

If you notice any sign of infection such as redness, swelling and discharge from your c-section incision, you should immediately report it to your doctor who will then recommend further course of action.

C Section Incision And Not Healing


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C Section Incision And Not Healing
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Fetal Monitoring Prior To C Section

Fetal Monitoring Prior C Section

      A cesarean is also known as c-section where the birth is done by making a surgical incision first in the abdomen and then in the uterus or womb to allow the baby to be born safely. A c-section is usually done when vaginal birth is considered too risky for the mother and / or for the baby.





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C Section Incision And Not Healing )
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