Complications Of C Section Incision  

      A cesarean birth is the birth of a baby through a surgery. In a cesarean birth, the doctor makes a cut or incision in the belly and then the uterus where the baby is, and then removes the baby. This surgery is called cesarean section or c-section.

       A c-section is performed when either the mother or the baby have certain problems before or during the labor. Under these circumstances, it is considered safer to have a c-section than allowing the mother to go through a vaginal birth.

       Usually when a c-section is performed, most women and babies do well. However, c-section is major surgery and there are associated risks and complications that might develop from the c-section incision.

Complications of a C-section Incision for the Mother
        Some of the complications that can occur during or after a c-section are heavy bleeding, damage to the bladder, infections of the uterus, kidneys and lungs. Some times the skin incision can open up after the c-section or there can be formation of blood clots around the uterus, and in the veins of the legs or lungs. If the c-section is not performed properly, the uterus can also get damaged making future childbirth potentially dangerous for the woman.


         The uterus is a large muscular organ with a tremendous amount of blood supply. When a c-section is performed, there can be a lot of bleeding. There have been incidents when women had to be given blood transfusion to compensate the blood loss. In certain women hysterectomy has to be performed to save their lives because of excess and profuse bleeding couple with the inability of the blood to clot.


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Complications Of C Section Incision




C Section Scarring Problems

C Section Scarring ProblemsA cesarean or a c-section is a major surgery and once it performed there is no doubt that you will have scarring at a result of the operation. Usually a c-section scar heals without any problems but there can be c-section scarring problems if proper care and precautions are not taken.





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