Uterus Infection And C Section  

      According to studies conducted by UC San Diego’s Department of Reproductive Medicine, it has been reported that women who have undergone c-sections are 10 times at risk of getting uterus infections. And usually the uterus infection after a c-section manifests itself within 48 hours.

       The signs of a uterus infection after a c-section include fever, foul smelling vaginal discharge, uterine tenderness and oozing from the abdominal incision. Although c-sections happen in a highly sterile environment, uterus infections are a possibility. It is reported that out of 20 c-sections, 1 to 2 women end up getting uterus infections and other infections like in the urinary tract or the abdominal incision.

       To protect yourself against a uterus infection after a c-section you should avoid putting pressure on the abdominal incision, avoid sex for at least 6 weeks and also avoid putting anything into the vagina until your doctor gives you a clean chit.

       If you still end up with a uterus infection, the treatment will vary depending upon how serious the infection is. You can have a minor infection which can be treated with antibiotics or a major infection which might result in another surgery. In some cases, women are hospitalized and they get antibiotics through an IV. If the uterus infection is life threatening, you might have to undergo a hysterectomy.

      In most cases if a uterus infection develops after a c-section, your doctor will discuss the course of treatment and the possible repercussions the treatment might have. If you notice anything unusual after a c-section, it is advisable to consult your doctor immediately who would be in a position to give you accurate diagnosis.

Uterus Infection And C Section


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Uterus Infection And C Section
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Sex After A C Section

Sex After A C Section

      After you give birth to your baby, you body starts returning or changing back to what it was originally. This period is called the postpartum period and it lasts for approximately 6 weeks. In these 6 weeks, your uterus slowly shrinks in size to what it originally was.





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