How Does The Uterus Work In Childbirth  

All over the world, women consider childbirth to be one of the most wonderful experiences of their life. Although each woman's experience is different, some of essential organs and childbirth cycles are the same for women who have normal labor and delivery. The uterus works more or less the same way in each woman at the time of childbirth.

How Does The Uterus Work In Childbirth?

So, how does the uterus work in childbirth? When a woman goes into labor, the upper part of the uterus is the first to contract. It is only after this that the cervix starts contracting. Initially, the contractions are usually 5 minutes apart and once the cervix dilates, the contractions then tend to comes faster; around 3 minutes apart. During this period, you will experience a lot of pain and pressure.

The uterus and cervix contractions become faster as the child starts pushing its way down. At this point the cervix dilates even further. When the contractions are 2 minutes apart, it is believed that the cervix is completely dilated. At this point, the doctor will be able to see the baby's head at the mouth of the cervix.

Usually women go for childbirth classes where they are taught to take deep breaths in between contractions and to hold on to the breath during the contraction until the baby comes out completely. This will help you tolerate the pain.

Once the baby emerges completely, the contractions of the uterus will stop. The uterus muscles become completely relaxed. However, this is not the end of childbirth. You will again start experiencing contractions of the uterus muscles and this time contractions occur to expel the placenta from the body. Once the placenta is expelled, the uterus muscles relax and the uterus begins to return to its normal position.


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How Does The Uterus Work In Childbirth




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