Can Premature Birth Cause A Learning Disability ?  

Premature birth refers to delivery of the infant before completion of 37 weeks of gestation. Scientists from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences stated in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) that prematurely delivered babies ran a higher risk of learning and behavioral troubles after completion of 5 years of age as compared to children who were delivered after the full-term.

With the use of sophisticated methods for statistical studies for analyzing data assimilated over 20 years from all over the world, scientists have concluded that prematurely born children scored low on cognitive skills, had learning ability below average and more behavioral problems after completion of 5 years of age. More studies related to mechanisms affecting the biological, psychological and environmental factors responsible for the differences in the cognitive and behavioral aspects need to be done.

Prematurely born children suffer from hyperactive disorders for want of attention; or are aggressive or withdrawn. These are regarded still questionable since research with different methodologies over different populace has yielded varying results.

The scientists analyzed results from as many as 227 studies and eliminated those with faulty methodologies in order to draw a meaningful conclusion.

Premature birth and behavioral problems or learning abilities in the later years of such children are related and understood. But the exact causes for these are still to be determined.

Articles published in JAMA state that medical compilations, painful procedures experienced by the baby or prolonged separation of the infant post delivery from the mother may be contributors for the brain development in such babies to be lower than average. This could be the cause for the development of problems later in their behavior or learning ability. The depression and stress related to such delivery can affect the parents which could also be contributing factors.

Dr. KS Anand, a renowned pediatrician in the US affiliated to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, stated that increase in the survival rate of babies with very low birth weight or premature birth will imply increase in the number of children having developmental problems and proportional increase in the cost of educating such children.

Scientists state that after such conclusive research on biological mechanisms; concentrated effort in therapeutic interventions to prevent or reduce long-term problems following premature birth should be developed.

Studies led by Dr. Anand with laboratory experiments and observations has revealed that administration of medicines for pain in infants along with the painful medical procedure for few weeks after birth causes damage to some brain cells, thus affecting the behavior and learning abilities or also causing death.

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