What Causes Premature Birth ?  

Premature birth refers to the delivery of infant before completion of the full gestation period of 37 weeks .the percentage of premature births in the United States alone is approximately 12 percent. This causes death in many infants apart from other complications depending on the extent of pre-maturity. Induced labor or delivery by performing cesarean section is often referred to as social induction.

Most of the causes for labor resulting in premature births are known. Some of them are:

• Infection: Most of the premature births come under this category. The expectant mothers often do not show any symptoms of getting the infection like fever. While some of these infections like Group –B Strep get treated effectively by administration of antibiotics; others may not and the patient will instead get resistant to antibiotics with no reduction in the chances of premature birth.


• Bleeding: The separation of the placenta from the inner walls of the uterus causes bleeding. Other cases of bleeding may be caused by acquired or genetic disorders causing premature births.


• Stretching of uterus: This condition can be caused by growth of fibroids in the uterus, multiple pregnancies like triplets or twins or presence of amniotic fluid more than permissible levels. Over-distension of uterus causes premature delivery.


Almost 25 percent of the total numbers of premature births before completion of 37 weeks are undertaken if the mother has one baby keeping the well-being of the child and mother in mind. This is executed by inducing labor pain or by undertaking a cesarean section which is a surgical process for delivery. The decision for such planned deliveries would depend on the health conditions of the mother and the fetus and other reasons which will have the consent of the consulting doctor.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that it is preferable not to induce any labor before completion of 39 weeks of gestation if there are no other pressing medical reasons. This is because the associated risks tend to increase in preterm deliveries. This explains 75 percent of all preterm deliveries being spontaneous. Almost 25 percent of the preterm deliveries are associated with the rupturing of the membrane before time.

Research work is still in progress to ascertain the reasons for these preterm births and the ways to prevent this dangerous complication during pregnancy. Expectant mothers should be well educated to watch out for signs of getting into preterm labor. They should also be aware of the risk that it would pose to them depending on the state of pregnancy they are in.

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