How To Improve Success Rates Of IVF  

When a couple approaches a doctor for IVF, the foremost question in their mind is how to improve the success rates of IVF. Most couples who opt for IVF are those who are infertile or are unable to have children even though there is nothing wrong with them medically.

The problem with IVF is that it has not guarantee. You can get pregnant after one cycle or you may require several cycles before you can become pregnant. This is the reason why many couples want to know how to improve success rates of IVF.

Unfortunately the success rates of IVF depend on numerous factors that might not be in your control. These include the quality of the sperm, how normal is the uterus, how successful was the fertilization, the age of the woman, the number of eggs that were collected, the quality of the eggs and the number of embryos that were transferred into the uterus.

However, it has been advocated that one of the best methods to improve the success rates of IVF is to couple the procedure with acupuncture. Research has shown that the success rate increased in women who underwent acupuncture. British Medical Journal recently printed an article that suggested that the success rates of IVF were 65 percent in women who had acupuncture after the transfer of embryos took place.

The other methods that improve the success rates of IVF include improving diet and avoiding sexual intercourse after the embryos are transferred into the uterus. In fact, many doctors advocate that women increase their protein intake after IVF as it goes a long way in improving fertility.

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Improve-Ivf-Sucess      IVF is such an expensive procedure for couples who are infertile that people have always been looking for ways and means to improve IVF success. The success rate for the procedure is much lower than what doctors make you believe, and this is something that many couples find hard to accept if the first IVF is unsuccessful. More..




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