Advantages Of Embryo Adoption

       A fertilized egg is called an embryo. Technological advancements and latest improvements in the field of medical science have now made it possible to produce babies through in-vitro fertilization techniques.

       This process has now made it possible for several parents to realize their dreams. The newest method in this series is embryo adoption that combines the principles of artificial reproduction and adoption.

       During the process of IVT, women often produce multiple eggs that get fertilized into multiple embryos. Out of these, only 4-6 embryos are transferred into mother’s womb as per the couple’s wish. The remaining embryos are collected and cryo-preserved at -196°C in liquid nitrogen. If the woman conceives without using all the stored embryos, she may choose to have the remaining embryos destroyed, or donate for research purpose, keep them for donation, or else make them available for adoption. Such embryos can be legally adopted by another infertile woman, a process known as embryo adoption. More..


Alternative Treatments For Infertility

Alternative Treatments For Infertility          Although there are a lot of great choices for infertility treatments, like IVF and IUI, many couples today chose to try alternative treatments. Why? Many of the alternative treatments for infertility are natural and effective with reasonable price. Alternative infertility treatments are great choices for couples who do not feel comfortable with conventional fertility treatments like IVF and drugs. Some couples use alternative infertility treatments with conventional treatments to increase success rate. More...

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Low Progesterone And Infertility

Low Progesterone And Infertility

Progesterone is a female hormone that is responsible for preparing the body for conception and thereafter the hormone ensures a healthy pregnancy. The hormone is secreted by corpus luteum and helps to prepare the uterus lining (endometrium) for implantation of the embryo after fertilization takes place. More...

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How To Improve Success Rates Of IVF

How To Improve Success Rates Of Ivf

When a couple approaches a doctor for IVF, the foremost question in their mind is how to improve the success rates of IVF. Most couples who opt for IVF are those who are infertile or are unable to have children even though there is nothing wrong with them medically. More...

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Menopause And Weight Gain

Menopause And Weight Gain

Somehow it does not seem fair. First you are going through menopause with all its symptoms and then there is the weight gain, which is so difficult to maintain during this critical phase of your life. However, all said and done, menopause and weight gain seem to work side by side. More...

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Male-Fertility-Vitamins      If a couple faces fertility problems, it can cause a whole of stress and pain to both. This is especially true when the couple is desperate to start a family and cannot figure out with whom the problem lies. However, research has show that in nearly 40 percent of couples with fertility problems, the problem is always with the male counterpart. And that is why many men who are facing fertility problems like to take male fertility vitamins as supplements to enhance their sperm count. More..




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