Signs Of Infertility In Women  

Infertility in women refers to the inability to get pregnant even after the women have unprotected sex for a period of 12 months. There are two types of infertility that are seen in women. One is primary infertility while the other type is known as secondary infertility.

Primary infertility refers to a condition where a woman is unable to conceive even after 1 year of unprotected sex. Secondary infertility refers to a condition wherein the woman was previously pregnant at least once but then is unable to become pregnant again.

There are many reasons for infertility in women, including physical and psychological factors. Physical factors include but not limited to ovarian cyst, tumor, hormonal imbalance, improper ovulation or problems with the fallopian tubes. It has been seen that nearly 40 to 50 percent of women are infertile because of problems associated with the fallopian tubes.

Signs of Infertility in Women:

Age plays a big factor in fertility of women. Women are most fertile in their early 20s and become less fertile as they reach their late 20s and early 30s. Women who reach mid 30s and late 30s have a reduced chance of getting pregnant as the ovaries diminish in their ability to produce healthy eggs and the chances of unsuccessful implantation of the embryo increases with age.

In addition signs of infertility in women are fibroids in the uterus, polycystic ovarian syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease and pituitary tumor.

Any woman who is above 35 years of age should consult a doctor if she has not become pregnant after 6 months of trying to conceive; while women under the age of 35 should wait a year before consulting a doctor.

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