Over the counter medicine is the drug that can be sole without doctor’s prescription like Aspirin, cough drop, or insect repellant. These drugs can easily be bought at the shelves of local stores. Over the counter drugs usually only provide symptoms relief, and there is no proof that they will make your children get better or faster.

            For instance, Aspirin may reduce cold fever, but they do not make the infection go away. Furthermore, some of these drugs may cause side effects like irritability and drowsiness. More...


Choosing Sunscreen for Children Sensitive Faces

         Today, children need protection from the sun more than ever before. Our world is changing, because of global warming. Children need your help to protect themselves from sunburn and UV radiation.  There are a lot of sunscreen in the market. What is the best sunscreen for your children? How high of an SPF is high enough? More.. Choosing Sunscreen for Children Sensitive Faces


Safety Cough And Cold Medicine For Children

         Contrary to popular beliefs, there are no cure for cold and cough. Most of the cough and cold medication will not actually heal your children. They can only make your children feel more comfortable. For instance, if your children can not sleep because of the bothersome cough, cough suppressant can come to the rescue. However, it is important to take your children to Pediatrician or health care professional, if the symptoms are not improving within a few days. More... Safety Cough And Cold Medicine For Children


Antihistamine For Children

         Antihistamines are medications that design to block Histamines which are the cause of many allergic reactions like runny nose, nasal itch, or sneezing.  Antihistamines work by blocking the histamine receptors. Antihistamines are not usually effective against nasal congestion, because histamine is not related to upper respiratory infection.. More... Saftey Of 24 Hour Antihistamine For Children







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